90 days of node.js - Day 7

Today was a washout. I tried really hard to get how-to-npm working. But once it failed on the private repo, things just went downhill from there. Still, it gave me the opportunity to do two things - get an overview of npm commands and secondly take a look at how a workshopper project works. Nothing much to report for today.

I am finding that as the life span of node modules and tools are so short, they tend to be not very stable. It's great for creating cutting edge code I suppose, but is frustrating when the learning tools get out of date so quickly. The next logical step seems to be to start working on a real problem instead of trying to debug why a learning module is out of syn with reality.

So, here's what we will do next, A simple module to work with the twitter api to retrieve lists. I dub the module twitter-lists. It will allow any app to retrieve a logged in user's twitter lists and return any tweets for the users listed in the lists. There is already a twitter-node api which does this and I am totally reinventing part of the wheel here. Even then, it promises to be a nice challenge.

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