90 days of node.js - Day 2 Learn me some node

Day 2 of my 90 day node quest dawned with grandiose plans and absolutely no time to get stuff done. Having a 4 year old, a day job and a hundred odd chores at home mean less than 2 hours to get any meaningful work done.

That led me to pick learnyounode as my first pass at learning some node. I have already done this set of tutorials once before, but no harm in starting from the basics and getting a basic primer of things to come.

No github checkins today. The "BIG PLAN" ™ is to make 2 apps:

  • work with the twitter REST API and create a simple app to view, edit and create user lists. More on that later.
  • A different way of viewing and sorting your book picks and their reviews using the pinterest api
Pipe dreams, I'm sure.

Another aspect of picking up a programming language is your IDE. JavaScript is fairly well represented in the IDE space. For most of my programming career, Eclipse has been my go-to IDE. Whatever it's shortcomings - and there are many - it's a fairly stable and easy to use platform. It is extensible and is supported by a large ecosystem of plugins. For JavaScript development though, it is not a good fit. Not even an ok fit. Having done a little bit of research, I ended up trying out Sublime Text a couple of years ago and love it. The plugins make work fast and there seems to be a pretty decent ecosystem around it.

I'm starting out with three plugins in particular:
  • Package Control for easy installation of sublime plugins
  • SubmlimeCodeIntel for easy autocomplete
  • Emmet for css and html snippets -- granted, not a 100% on board with this, but what the heck, any productivity gain is a good thing.
That's about it, after than I'm onto learning me some node for much js win.

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