The Inconceivable Desis

I like to talk to people who like to talk. One of those people is Satish. He and I have been yakking about books, movies, games (real and virtual), food and anything else we can find under the sun for a really long time. He's one of the people in the world with whom I find it easy to resume a topic 6 months later without a glitch. This usually spells for long, substantial and memorable conversations.Usually we end up boring our wives with what we talk about after the fact, rehashing the conversation and taking away precious time from important activities like sleeping or playing games. So, he and I decided to do something better.

Introducing The Inconceivable Desis podcast.

Desis because that's what we are. And Inconceivable because, well, let's face it - we are Princess Bride fanbois.

Every week (or so) we'll be talking about books, movies... erm... see above. It's mostly two guys having fun talking with each other on pop culture and technology. Subscribe, listen and enjoy.

But, why a Podcast? We're not necessarily building a big brand or peddling services. Nor are we trying to establish ourselves as a pop culture power house. For me, it's an easy way to explore the world of content production and distribution. Content is difficult to produce, primarily because you have to force yourself into shaping it into the container that you are using - say, a blog or a short movie. A conversation on the other hand - hashing out your thoughts in a brainstorming session  - is capable of producing more free flowing form content. You talk, you argue and you form opinions. Sometimes you are in agreement with the conversation, sometimes you tune away. That, I contend, is exactly the essence of a podcast - and our podcast specifically. Free flowing conversation and debate on a topic we love.

As an added bonus, I am producing something with one of the coolest people I know and admire. We get to talk about things that we love from the comforts of our home. It's a win-win.

So here's looking forward to many episodes of The Inconceivable Desis.

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