On reading challenges

So, yet again, I've decided to take on a challenge of completing 25 books this year. Obviously, I have plenty of spare time and don't have a life or anything. Which is not true at all. Outside of family time and work, I am still working on my games (which I promise I WILL COMPLETE). And I still devote quite a bit of time following up on JavaScript updates, Java 8 updates and other random crap.

Usually, my reading is organic and I walk into a library or a bookstore or more often the Kindle library and pick up books at random. While this has worked great and has led to me finding some really amazing finds, I tend to ignore the books that I own which remain unread. Books want to be read, they want their words to escape from their pages (or their digital avatars) and lodge in your brains. So, for a change, this year I have a list of books that I want to read. I'm planning to finish these books for sure. Pretty positive I will be reading a little bit more than just these (javascript, le sigh) , but there are some that I would definitely try to finish (in no particular order).
What's the point of this? I've been picking up books over many years and have always managed to finish reading them once bought. Unfortunately, the past few years have seen me do less of that and more of impulse reading. While that has its merits, I would like to clean out my old reading stock first. This is my first attempt to do just that. If you're not the list making kind of guy, go to your public library or closest book store and browse till you can find a book that appeals to your tastes.

I am already working on Rajaji by Rajmohan Gandhi and have finished reading Dark Star - the Loneliness of being Rajesh Khanna - so a good start in general to this years reading.


  1. More than one of these is on my list.. but of course my reading has fallen off a cliff while I do other, probably unimportant things (such as writing blog posts).

  2. I've a a feeling, if I keep on writing any more, these will fall off my list as well :)