Hiatus and returns

To the one dedicated reader, thanks for sitting it out and retaining me on your RSS reader. I have a feeling, the number of posts are slightly going to go up.

So, it has been 5 months since the last post. A very, very interesting and exciting 5 months. There are things which still are murky and cannot be revealed, exciting nevertheless.

In the last 5 months, Hawai'i happened. It was the most brilliant week of my life. Even waiting for a hour and half at the local laundromat in Volcano, HI was awesome. Words fail me - they truly do. It would be easier to describe the half-remembered visions at daybreak, when the toothpaste hits the right spot on the gums. Describing Hawai'i on the other hand - pretty much impossible. The beauty of Kauai, the lushness of Maui, the volcanoes and isolation of Hawai'i - where could I start and where would I finish? And the beaches - the red, green, yellow, white and black sand beaches, everyone of them felt like a tiny universe. Even walking on the tiny 100 meter wide Red sand, clothing optional, beach at Kahilulu, was like stepping off the rim of our discworld and falling off, unheard, unseen onto a different cosmos.

This is one memory I am only going to share with SWMBO. 7 days in paradise which only belong to *us* and which we shall, both, guard selfishly and cherish as we grow older, together. Unlike Rick and Ilsa, we shall have, always, our Hawai'i.

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