Kyon Keeda Hai Aapko

Firstly hats off to the first song which actually accepts the fact that if a person is upto some malice/ mischief we Mumbaikars tend to ask why the person is upto keedagiri.

Secondly this is basically the most quoted part of the Bhagvad Gita:
asantulit sangat hai, pida ke aachumbak hai
chhode apana chirkut bhram, tyaage sab kaaryakram
asamjas hai aapaka kuchh, karam karein na soche kuchh
guthali chhode khaaye aam, aapse meri traahi maam
Thirdly, I still haven't gotten to see the movie.  Only the trailers. So even if 'the entire creation is his native place', SWMBO and I have been, sadly, not included.

Edit: was too sleepy to realise bad formatting.

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